04 Oct 2017

Celebrating Australian Food and Agribusiness Innovations Book

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Living with a food allergy is hard. Not only does it affect a person’s social life and their eating habits, it also affects the way food tastes. Pizza is loved all over the world for its doughy bases, rich tomato sauce and stretchy mozzarella, but for people suffering gluten allergies, pizza tastes more like the cardboard box it was delivered in. Julian’s Gluten Free set out to bring pizza back to the menu for gluten intolerance sufferers. They started small, producing gluten free pizzas in their local restaurant. Popularity for their bases grew as word spread about how much their gluten free pizzas tasted ‘normal’. Soon, orders began to pile up, but a significant challenge existed in that there was no known machinery in the world to service the high demand.


For two years Julian’s Gluten Free worked with an engineer to modify traditional bakery machinery to suit their needs. At the same time, they also focused on achieving the right recipe formula, using quality ingredients to ensure the closest taste and texture to traditional pizza bases. Making wheat-based pizza bases is a very simplistic process using tried and tested recipes and equipment. Working with flours that do not contain gluten was technically challenging, and due to the inflated price of ingredients it was becoming too expensive. A breakthrough came after they discovered a way to mix their own blend of raw ingredients, reducing costs by 40 per cent. This gave Julian’s Gluten Free the time and financial resources to increase efficiencies in their machinery, thereby reducing labour costs significantly.


Within two years Julian’s Gluten Free outgrew four factories and became Australia’s first manufacturer of great tasting gluten free pizza bases. Their unwavering focus on quality resulted in distributors calling them, requesting the product. The bases soon launched into hotels, hospitals and pizza chains, driven by consumer demand after they had tried it elsewhere. Consumers could identify if it was a Julian’s Gluten Free based purely on taste. Continuous inquiries from customers requesting a retail product for home cooks, led them to create pizza bases for a niche retail market. The pizza bases are intended for the global market as a service provided to all consumers anywhere pizza is a menu option, and as a retail product alternative for those suffering from allergies or with specific dietary requirements.

Julian’s Gluten Free creates pizza bases for people suffering from Coeliac disease or gluten intolerance. They supply both the food service industry and retail markets and aim to bring fun and taste back to gluten free cooking. 



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