Our Story

Consumer demand led to the creation of Julian’s pizza bases in 2005 after the organic pizza bases served at ‘Julian’s Pizza and Pasta’ restaurant in Hornsby, NSW, received glowing reviews. As there were a few gluten free items on the menu, customers kept asking if they could make a gluten free pizza base. Julian’s sought the advice of Coeliac Australia to better understand the gluten free diet. In keeping with the philosophy applied to the existing menu, only really healthy ingredients without preservatives and additives were considered when choosing the raw ingredients for the gluten free pizza bases. The recipe focused on creating a pizza that tasted great, was made using the highest quality ingredients, looked like a regular pizza and was crisp, so that you could pick up the base to eat it. Word spread and in a short time most bookings in the restaurant were made by people on a gluten free diet bringing their friends and family to eat great PIZZA. Diners started coming from all over Sydney, asking if they could take some of the frozen bases home to use between visits. As demand increased, it became crucial for production to be moved from the restaurant to the first of many factories to maintain supply to restaurants and pizza outlets throughout Australia.

One of the most important aspects of this growth was to produce a document instructing businesses how to use a gluten free base in a wheat-filled environment, as well as recommending that restaurants register with Coeliac Australia. Julian’s have been a passionate supporter of the Gluten Free Expos as a way of obtaining product feedback, finding that customers are able to identify if their local restaurant uses Julian’s based on the taste. The expos are also a great way of introducing the bases to people new to the gluten free diet. After 10 years of supplying pizza bases to the food service industry, customer feedback showed demand for a product to use at home. As the bases sold to food service are a frozen product with a 12 month shelf life, it was a challenge to develop a chilled product with a shorter shelf life for supermarkets that did not compromise the philosophy of a great tasting base with NO preservatives and additives. Julian’s bases are now sold in the chilled section at both Coles and Woolworths supermarkets. There is also a frozen product available at Costco and various speciality stores. Julian’s attribute their success to the use of the highest quality raw ingredients, never wavering from a belief that TASTE is the most important outcome and never using preservatives or additives. Resources and information from Coeliac Australia have allowed them to maintain their knowledge of gluten free food service and having their product endorsed by Coeliac Australia provides consumer confidence in their gluten free pizza bases.